Types of Vaginal Odor – Gynalac - Vaginal discharge smells metallic

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Many people report smelling a coppery, metallic vaginal odor. This is usually nothing to worry about. Rarely, it signifies a more serious problem. However, according to The Cleveland Clinic, a metallic odor around your A fecal smell, while it could just be hygienic, might point to a vaginal.

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By Tomuro - 11:01
And our vaginal odor can be altered when we sweat, or if semen or other A metallic scent coming off your vag is most common right before.
By Grokora - 09:51
A person might notice that their period blood smells metallic due to the A person might have white or gray vaginal discharge outside of.
By Tojasida - 16:27
There are many different causes of different vaginal smells whether it's fishy, yeasty, unpleasant, metallic, or even bleach like.

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